Who are we?

Who are we?
Bajak CONSULTING SL is a Chinese owned company based in Barcelona. Since 2010 we work in the Spanish real estate sector offering a comprehensive service to our customers. Most of our customers are foreigners, particularly from China.
Our infrastructure
We are located in a building of 22 @ Barcelona. A place of Barcelona that is growing day day as we see changes in this area notaries: From the Agbar tower construction until the inauguration of the building DHUB which is located in the major roundabout Les Glories Pl. We are not in a room at street because our customers are what we seek. You can find us through the Chinese press, the Internet or most are recommended by other customers who know us.
Besides being in the 22 @ Barcelona, ​​we are also in Ningbo. Ningbo is an important city in China which has the fourth largest port in the world, but most is where you perform all imports and exports of China. Also, our main clients are from this city.
We are the only Chinese real estate website that offers a Spanish property sector in the Chinese language. Our website is extremely important to us as it is the gateway to access our portfolio of properties in an easy way, but above all, accessible from anywhere in the world, and considering that Chinese is the second most spoken language in the world. For us it means sharing it with half the world, because in just one click we can locate and meet us.
For the company, is the most important collaborations. Yes we bought our customers, because they rely on us, but we have also helped to sell to individuals and other companies working in the sector, because they believed in our potential, so we have worked with us. Although undoubtedly without them we could not make the sale, Our strength is that we have a significant customer base, but we have a portfolio of properties sufficient to meet all of them. This is why we care much our employees.
Our customers
Our customers define us because they need us and we aim to offer a comprehensive service for institutions to ignore from the start. In our experience to date, we could find all kinds of property according to the requests of our customers. At present, our field is the Chinese market. Currently believe that improvements in economic conditions of the population are very important to assess, as it is a hard-working population, has managed to cope with the crisis and many of them Spanish, regardless of the difficulty, still maintain their business. Most of them have their own businesses as failing to master the native language is the only way out in Spain. It is, therefore, that after a few years, many of them want to buy a home instead of renting.
Our other type of client is the client that comes from China. All are managers of large companies with significant assets in China and abroad. His interest in coming to Spain is mainly good tourism in this country. Since you do not need to talk about the good location of the country, climate, food, etc.. Besides wanting to buy a home is Spain as a second home, are attracted mainly the acquisition of a residence permit allowing them to enter the country without prior approval. For them, it is extremely important because it is a status that must be maintained.